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Can You Earn Interest on Your Silver & Gold?

As a fan of The Morgan Report, you already know that owning precious metals makes sense. But you might only know about the conventional ways to hold them. Our free guide, The New Way to Hold Gold, reveals a new method - one that pays interest on your silver & gold!

"Thank you for checking this out. We've heard a lot of things about precious metals leasing, and I'm favorable to it, if - and only if - it's done in the proper way. Which is how Monetary Metals does it. I've known CEO Keith Weiner for a very long time, and he's of the highest integrity. Many people ask 'How can I earn interest on my metal?' With Monetary Metals, you're not only earning interest, you're actually earning more metal on your metal."

--David Morgan, The Morgan Report


Growing your wealth is more challenging than ever before.

With the lowest interest rates in recorded history, the ongoing devaluation of our currencies, and growing US debt, decent investment options are becoming limited. 

Who wants to earn a paltry 0.5% interest in a savings account?

Or near 1% per year with a 10-year US Treasury bond?

Invest in the S&P at its height in the middle of a pandemic?

No, thank you!

Gold and silver have proven themselves to be the assets to own during times of economic uncertainty. They can provide protection and security against a monetary system that seems bent on devaluing our currencies.

Our free guide, The New Way to Hold Gold, can help you evaluate the various methods of holding silver & gold, AND show you how to earn interest on your holdings. 


You Will Discover:

  • Which methods of holding silver & gold are right for you
  • The trade-offs in keeping your silver & gold at home
  • A way to store your metals - securely - with ZERO storage fees!
  • How to navigate an ETF prospectus so you can limit counterparty risk 
  • Which method offers the LEAST liquidity...and which delivers the MOST 
  • How to begin earning interest on your silver & gold - in ounces, not dollars!
  • ...And much more!

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