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Earn Interest on Your Gold & Silver 


Gold and silver have proven themselves to be the assets to own during economic uncertainty. They provide comfort and security, while serving as a hedge against inflation.

Owning precious metals makes good sense.

There’s Just One Drawback

Unfortunately, the conventional methods of ownership don’t offer a yield.

Traditionally, gold and silver have been unproductive assets, meaning they don't produce any income. No interest is paid on your holdings as they sit in a vault.

And while you hold them, vault fees eat away at your ounces. Which means you’ll have less metal over time than you started with!

The New Way to Hold Gold & Silver

Monetary Metals changes all that. Our Gold & Silver Fixed Income solution pays interest on your gold and silver. Without giving up your ownership or selling your metals.

We pay interest on gold, in gold. And interest on silver, in silver. So your ounces increase year over year, regardless of the dollar price. With zero vault fees!

Plus, our investors earn between 2% and 4.5% on their gold and silver. That return comes from leasing the metals to jewelers, gold producers, mints, and others who use it productively.

Compounding Your Ounces

At a 3% interest rate, 100 ounces of gold can turn into 103 ounces by the end of the year. That’s a nice boost. And the compounding effect takes it a step further.

The chart below illustrates the effect of compound interest. Ten years of growth at 3% annual (the orange line) and at 4.5% annual (the gray line).

(Source: Monetary Metals & Co. Past performance does not guarantee future results) 

That 3% interest rate compounded over ten years can result in 34% more metal than when you started. 

Compare that result to the blue line, which shows the same 100 ounces, earning zero interest, while also paying 10 years of vault fees. It erodes while you hold it! To the tune of nearly 5 lost ounces.

That’s almost 5% of your gold capital – gone! Not to mention the opportunity cost.
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