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Hello Tom Woods Listeners!

Are you ready to start earning interest on gold and silver?

As a fan of The Tom Woods Show, you already know the reasons to own gold. It's honest money, unlike dollars. 

However, once you own gold, there hasn't been much you can do with it.

Until now!

Monetary Metals enables you to own gold AND earn an income, paid in more gold! Now you can earn an honest return in honest money.

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"Over the years, I've heard tons of ideas about how to get the gold standard going again. But this is the first time I've heard an idea that really makes sense. This is different. Monetary Metals is offering a free market in gold and silver to anyone who wants it. You can own gold, and earn interest on gold with interest rates that are set by the free market, not the Federal Reserve.

I love the idea that my gold isn't just sitting there, it's earning me more gold in the background and growing over time. Here's how we start making our way back toward sound money. Not with political lobbying in congress, but by building an alternative system that's denominated in gold and offers a return on gold. That's exactly what Monetary Metals is doing."

-- Tom Woods, Best Selling Author and Host of The Tom Woods Show


Growing your wealth in dollars is more challenging than ever before...

With interest rates near their historical lows, the ongoing destruction of your purchasing power and growing US debt and deficit spending – real investment options are fast disappearing. 

Want to earn a paltry 0.5% interest in a savings account?
How about 1.5% with a 10-year US Treasury Bond? 
Perhaps stocks at near all-time highs?
Surely the real estate market, with prices resembling the same levels as in 2008?

No, thank you!

Gold and silver have proven themselves to hold value over time, especially during times of economic uncertainty. They can provide protection and security against central planners who seem hellbent on devaluing our currencies.

But protecting wealth isn't enough. We desperately need alternatives for building wealth outside the dollar.

Welcome to Monetary Metals' Gold Fixed Income - A Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold®

  • Passive income paid in gold and silver
  • Earn between 2% to 4.5% interest on gold and silver
  • Watch your ounces grow and compound year over year
  • Enjoy FREE storage and insurance
  • No vaulting or ongoing account fees
  • See how much you can earn!

Check out our FAQ Page for more information and head over to our website at monetary-metals.com.

Thanks so much!